Private Lessons

No lessons currently available

We apologize but due to the busy nature of the winter wrestling season we can not offer any lessons at this time. Please check back in spring for new time slots!

General Information

Our private lessons offer personalized instruction and focused training to take your wrestling skills to the next level. 1-4 athletes will receive attention from our experienced coaches, you'll receive tailored guidance and targeted improvement in areas specific to your needs. Whether you're looking to refine technique, enhance positioning, or develop advanced strategies, our private lessons provide the individualized attention necessary for accelerated growth and success on the mat. Experience the benefits of personalized coaching and unlock your full wrestling potential with our private lessons at Kingdom Wrestling.


All are allowed to sign up for lessons but ask that when signing up multiple athletes they be similar age or skill level


The times will vary by the season so make sure to check out the current season for the dates.

If you are interested but can not make the day of the week elected for that season reach out to the coaching to see if something can be arranged.


They will be held in the Farmington wrestling room.


They will run 1 hour and the format can be decided upon by the coach or created with instruction from the athletes or parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Something came up, can I cancel and get my money back?

A. We allow cancelation with a full refund up to 24 hours before. If you cancel within 24 hours we will keep $30 short notice fee.

Q. Can I book multiple time slots over the next couple months?

A. Of course! If you wish to reserve the same time over multiple weeks reach out to us over the phone or email and we can reserve it for you and work out a payment plan.

Q. I am booking the lesson but my athlete is bringing a partner who wishes to pay for their half, is there a way to split the cost?

A. Unfortunately at this current time we are not able to split costs in our scheduling software. You will have to work it out ahead of time with us or amongst each other.

*If you have additional questions we did not address here reach out via email or phone. Our numbers are listed at the bottom of the page as well as the best email to reach us at.*

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We are not currently accepting registrations for this program.

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