19 Sep

Gear Up for Folkstyle Wrestling: Limited-Time Offerings!

Limited Time gear for Kingdom Wrestling is here! Discover our store with the Rudis; featuring our Folkstyle Singlet and the first ever kingdom gear bag. Don't delay; this limited-time offer ends on October 8th. Upgrade your wrestling gear today! 

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15 Sep

Come Try Us Free!

This Sunday the 17th come and try Kingdom for free.

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5 Sep

Fall and Winter Combo Pack

Check out for special links to access our combo packages. 

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29 Aug

🤼‍♂️ Registration Now Open for Fall and Winter Sessions! 🍂❄️

📢 Get ready to elevate your wrestling game! Registration is now open for our exciting Fall and Winter wrestling sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, these sessions are your ticket to success on the mat.

🍁 Fall Session (Sept 17 - Oct 25): Sharpen your skills for intense wrestling.

❄️ Winter Session (Nov 19 - Mar 13): Fine-tune the most effective techniques.

💰 Sign up for both and SAVE!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a wrestling champion.

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5 Jul

The trial is over but you can still sign up!

We want to thank everyone who participated in our trial practices at Kingdom Wrestling. The trial period has come to an end, but it's not too late to join us for the remainder of the summer! We offer convenient options including full registration or a pay-per-practice option. If you prefer the pay-per-practice route, simply email our coaches at for a special code to be used during sign-up. Don't miss out on the exciting season of growth.

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21 Jun

Try a Free Practice at Kingdom Wrestling! 🤼‍♂️

Experience what a practice with Kingdom Wrestling is like. During our first or second week of the season we invite beginners and seasoned athletes alike to come to a practice free of charge! Let us know ahead of time or simply inform us during practice, and we'll warmly welcome you to join our training sessions. Discover our supportive environment, skilled coaches, and the excitement of Kingdom Wrestling. 

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23 May

Unlock Your Wrestling Potential with Personalized Coaching at Kingdom Wrestling!

Discover the power of personalized coaching in the world of wrestling! Kingdom Wrestling is proud to introduce its highly anticipated private lessons program. Get ready to elevate your skills, refine your technique, and unlock your full wrestling potential with expert guidance from our experienced coaches. Don't miss out on the chance to book your private lessons!

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22 May

Summer Practice Sign Up is Now Live!

Discover the summer wrestling program focused on propelling your skills to new heights. Our comprehensive training regimen prioritizes individual growth, allowing wrestlers to refine their technique and excel in the sport. With a meticulous breakdown of fundamental techniques and an emphasis on advanced skills like hand fighting and foot speed, participants gain a competitive edge. Led by experienced coaches dedicated to nurturing individual development, personalized instruction and feedback optimize each wrestler's potential. In a supportive and inclusive environment, train alongside like-minded peers, fostering camaraderie and collective improvement. Seize the opportunity to dedicate yourself to your craft during the summer, surrounded by passionate wrestlers striving for greatness.

Sign Up!

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13 Apr

Welcome to your new site!

Welcome to your new site!

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