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Pre Season Folkstyle Registration Now Open


Come spend Sunday Nights from September 18th through October 23rd with the Kingdom Wrestling coaches.

For this preseason we want to focus on getting our youth ready for the upcoming fall competition season. We are going to be spending our practice time going back over the fundamentals of stance and motion, basic shots and finishes, getting away on bottom and turns on top. 

We want to work on getting the kids back in shape as well so we plan to mix in live wrestling as well as some fun conditioning like relay races. 

We hope to see your kids this pre season so we can help them get a leg up on their coming season. 


Come spend two nights a week (Wednesday and Sunday Nights) from September 18th through October 26th with the Kingdom Wrestling coaches.

These pre season practices are focused on preparing you for the upcoming season, with an emphasis on various levels of drilling, effective sparing and intense live goes.

Each Sunday will have a special focus
-What makes a good warm up

-How to hand fight like a college wrestler

-Breakdown of Hard and Intense Drilling

-Proper Sparing

-How to make the best of conditioning

-The extra things that make a champion

Introducing The Kingdom News Letter

In an effort to help get Kingdom Wrestling related news and updates to people in a way they prefer we are launching the Kingdom Wrestling Emailing List. 

If you prefer to get updates for upcoming seasons or future plans at Kingdom Wrestling but do not wish to constantly be checking our social media feel free to click the image below to sign up for our new News Letter.

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Sign Up for Pre Season Wrestling is now open!


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Kingdom Wrestling

Kingdom Wrestling focuses on the fundamentals of wrestling striving to teach vital technique, instill a relentless work ethic, and positive sportsmanship. 

A South Metro based wrestling club operating out of Farmington and Lakeville MN.

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