About Us

About Kingdom Wrestling

Kingdom Wrestling was started in 2021 by Jordan and Brandon Kingsley. It is a private wrestling club that focuses on the fundamentals of wrestling. They strive to teach vital technique, instill a relentless work ethic, and inspire positive sportsmanship.

Jordan and Brandon believe that the greatest factor for success in wrestling is having a firm grasp on the fundaments. Without a solid foundation of technique natural skill will have its limits.

Aside from the technique needed to advance in wrestling both Brandon and Jordan believe there are 2 main components that all wrestles should adopt.

The first is that no matter the outcome all wrestles should win with CLASS and lose with DIGNITY!

  • You must respect your opponent in victory because wrestling is a grueling sport and all who step on the mat have paid their dues.
  • You must hold your head high in defeat and show your respects for a hard fought battle even if you not the victor. The day was not your but with the right attitude the next could be.

The second is that to be the best you can be you must seek out the best competition.

  • Iron sharpen Iron and if you truly want to be the best you have to beat the best. You will learn more in your close losses than in easy victory.

About The Coaches

The two coaches are Jordan and Brandon Kingsley. They both wrestled high school for Apple Valley where they were both state champions. They went on to wrestle for the University of Minnesota in college and were part of a National Runner up team finish.

Brandon has spend the last couple years as a coach at Farmington High School. His biggest strength as a wrestle are his top wrestling and ability to pin.

Jordan has been the head youth coach for Lakeville for the last couple years and . His biggest strength as a wrestling is his attention to the little things and resolve to learn the best technique in all positions.

Together Brandon and Jordan have over 40 years of wrestling experience throughout all levels. As coaches they have combined over 15 years of experience. They are both Bronze and Teal USA certified coaches.

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