Summer Training

Experience the summer wrestling program designed to elevate your skills and propel you to new heights. Our comprehensive training regimen is centered around individual growth, enabling wrestlers to refine their technique and excel in the sport.

Throughout the program, we break down the fundamentals of wrestling, focusing on techniques that have proven effective at all ages. From mastering takedowns to perfecting escapes and pins, our sessions ensure a solid foundation for success. Additionally, we delve into advanced skills such as hand fighting, foot speed, and intense wrestling, equipping participants with a competitive edge.

As a coaching staff we believe that the summer presents an unparalleled opportunity to invest valuable time on the mat, free from the immediate pressures of competition. Our experienced coaching staff is committed to nurturing each wrestler's individual growth and skill development. With their expertise and guidance, participants receive personalized instruction and constructive feedback to maximize their potential.

Our program cultivates a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering camaraderie among participants. You'll train alongside like-minded individuals, benefiting from mutual motivation and collective improvement. Embrace the summer season as the perfect time to dedicate yourself to your craft, surrounded by a community of passionate wrestlers striving for greatness.


Our summer training is open to all kids K-12th. There will be 2 groups for practice K-6th and 7th-12th


The Summer Folkstyle season will run Monday Night for 7th-12th and Wednesday Night for k-6th.


Practices are held at Farmington High School in the wrestling room on the lower floor.


There will be 2 practice times.

K-6th: 7:00pm-8:30pm Wednesday Nights

*no practice June 19th*

7th-12: 7:00pm-8:30pm Monday Nights

*no practice June 24th*

Extra Cost

There is an option at the end of each registration to purchase a shirt for the upcoming season for a reduced cost. There is also a clothing store where you may perchance addition clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I still sign up if the season already started?

A. Yes even if the season is already underway our prices prorate every couple of weeks so you are not paying for what you are missing.

Q. If my child is in 6th grade but is fairly skilled can I sign them up for the 7th-12th Practice?

A. We have allowed this in the past but we ask that you reach out to either Coach Brandon or Coach Jordan before doing so.

Q. Is there a pay per practice option for those who can not commit to coming to all practices?

A. Yes there is an option to pay per practice. Just email or text the coaches and they can work it out with you.

Refund Policy

At Kingdom Wrestling, we understand that circumstances can change. While we do not offer cash refunds, we are committed to providing flexibility and fairness.

Refund Details:

• No cash refunds will be issued.

• In the event of a refund request, registrants are eligible for a credit equivalent to 75% of the remaining season’s cost.

• For instance, if the remaining season cost is $100, you will receive a $75 credit.

• This credit can be applied towards future registrations within our programs.

2024 Summer Training

Cost: $200

Location: Farmington High School Wrestling Room

When: June 24th through August 28th

Times: K-6th 7:00-8:30pm Wednesdays, 7th-12th 7:00-8:30pm Mondays

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